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With All My Heart Childcare, Inc Team

Caring & Dedicated


Doreen Fouquette


Miss. Doreen created With All My Heart in 2002, 18 years ago. She has a Masters Degree in Education. She has four children, 3 girls and one boy. She loves photography, and taking strolls through T.J Maxx. She has two Bernese Mountain Dogs


Krista Johnson

Assistant Director

Miss. Krista has been here 18 years, since Miss. Doreen started. She has two children. She enjoys going camping and  spending time at the beach.


Abigial Fouquette

Infant Teacher

Miss. Abby is one of the Infant Room teachers. She has been working at WAMH for over three years now. She also has a horse, named Kody who is over ten years old.


Heidi Martin

Infant Teacher

Miss. Heidi has been with the WAMH family for 11 years. She has her teacher certification. She works in the infant room. She loves cooking ,and spending time with her grandchildren in her free time.


Haley Harnden

Infant Toddler Transition Teacher

Miss. Haley is one of the Infant Toddler transition teachers. She has been in childcare for 7 years now, four of which is at WAMH. She has her Director II and an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. She has 10 years experience with Special Education. Currently, she is working on a degree in Business Management.


Tiffany Brown

Infant Toddler Transition Teacher

Miss. Tiffany is also in the Infant Toddler Transition Room. She has worked in childcare for 22 years. She has spent 5 years at WAMH so far. She has her Director II certification. Miss. Tiffany has two daughters, and a dog named Josie.


Lexie Raposo

Toddler Teacher

Miss. Lexie is one of the toddler teachers. She has been in childcare for five years now. She has a dog named Mister Mister. In her free time, she enjoys watching the patriots games on Sundays. A fun fact about Miss. Lexie is her favorite movie is The Polar Express.


Sarah Moniz

Toddler Assistant

Miss. Sarah is working in the Toddler Room as an assistant. She is in the progress of obtaining her teacher certification as well.  She has worked in childcare for 15 years now. She has a son, and a daughter. In her free time she enjoys photography and watching football, especially the Patriots.


Heather Brown

Toddler Teacher

Miss. Heather is the teacher in the Toddler Preschool Transition room. She has worked in childcare for 22 years, and spent over 4 at WAMH. In her free time she loves to go fishing with her son, Landyn and she step son, Dylan. She also loves to spend time with her cat Molly.


Jessica Jorge

Preschool Teacher

Miss. Jessica has been in Childcare for 6 years, and at WAMH for the past 4. Miss. Jessica plans to go back to school and pursue a career in the medical field. Her favorite color is red, and she enjoys arts and crafts in her free time. Her favorite animal is a cat!


Melanie Nunes

Preschool Teacher

Miss. Melanie started at WAMH as a volunteer when she was 16 years old.  Since she was little, she knew she wanted a career working with children. She has her Lead Preschool Teacher Certification.  Currently, she is working to finish her MTELs, with a goal to become a Kindergarten teacher.


Brittany Frith

Preschool Teacher

Miss. Brittany has been in childcare for 10 years. She has her Director II certification. She loves to sing and dance all day with her Pre-K students. She spends her free time reading.


Samantha Fouquette

School Age Group Leader

Miss. Sammy is the school age group leader. She has been at WAMH for over 4 years. She also attends Bridgewater State University. She is taking up a degree in Psychology. She loves to draw in her free time, and hang out with her two dogs.


Tori Lariviere

School Age

Miss. Tori has been with WAMH for a little over a year. She is studying at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst. She is taking up a degree in Public Health, with a focus in Child Development. In her free time she enjoys drawing and hanging out with her friends.


Tori Fouquette


Possessing a contagious enthusiasm, Alex Smith has been an amazing asset for With All My Heart Childcare, Inc. Their warmth, creativity and drive makes them a great colleague and a perfect fit as a ECE Specialist.


Kristen Lebeau


Miss. Kristen is our teacher assistant. She helps in all the classrooms, as needed. She has been a part of the WAMH team for almost a year. She has triplets at home, two girls and one boy. In her free time she loves spending time with family and doing crafts with her children.

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