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Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

With All My Heart Childcare, Inc's  Philosophy

The philosophy of With All My Heart Child Care Center is based on the concept that we raise our children with all our heart. We hope to teach them to do their best and put all their heart into whatever they do. We hope to create a safe, nurturing environment where interaction of children with other children and adults from society will stimulate their minds and foster the concepts of caring for self and others. We believe that children learn through interactions. The program encourages children's interests through guided experiences and developmentally appropriate activities. 

It is our goal to build and maintain a close relationship with every child and their family. We treat every child as if they were our own. We strive to meet the needs of every individual child. Therefore, we aim to provide and develop a loving and nurturing atmosphere to help children learn. It is a goal of this program to provide a safe, educationally and socially enriching environment in which children can learn to be self-confident away from home.

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